A 360° solution for your business


Our guidance aims to identify what are the strengths of your company and …

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Logo design

The logo is the image of a company and therefore it is necessary to dedicate the right amount of time to it and perfect it.

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Web site Creation

A bad website can make a company lose around 1000 customers per month on average.

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Video Making and Photo Editing

Structuring a video presentation and being able to keep the heart of your business as the central point is our main priority.

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Marketing strategies

Having a cutting-edge product and not knowing how to sell it makes a company vulnerable and underachieve.

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Analyzing your business

We take our time to analyze your business, in order to find what are the strong points, but at the same time find the fragile ones also.

Once the information has been gathered, we can start doing what we do best …

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This is what we do best.


Starting from an idea, a badly made draft, a simple thought or simply joking around we can provide to the customer a product and services that amaze him, something that no one would expect

Don’t trust us, see for yourself what we managed to accomplish with a little imagination.

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Take a look at our fantastic projects.

The workflow and the paths we take with each client are exclusive, that is, we never propose the same projects, or the same ideas. Everything we do is tailored to your business.

Our partners opinions.

We kindly asked our partners from day one to keep a diary of how they got on with us, some did, some didn’t.

  • positive review  Recensione di prova Al inizio mi sembrava che i ragazzi si agrappavano sugli specchi. Dopo un mese di progetto mi sentivo come se fossi io in ritardo con il progetto, mentre loro consegnavano spesso in anticipo. A fine progetto mi hanno presentato il loro Time-Table, ed era come se gia dopo il primo incontro fossero 10 passi avvanti

    Adelina Pruteanu Avatar Adelina Pruteanu

Our team

What makes us different are the various shades that create it.

Alex Pruteanu


Alex is that kind of person who’ll surprises you when we least expect, his continuous desire for personal and professional growth gives him the appropriate thrust, necessary to support any type of challenge that is presented to him. In addition, his curiosity and passion for the Web are the characteristics that make him the most suitable person to dare your company the magic touch that it needs.

Ovidiu Damian


Ovidiu is the kind person that at a first glance he gives an impression different that he really is, a motivated and constantly growing person. A boy who welcomes challenges with open arms. These characteristics guarantee to all our collaborators a treatment and a seriousness, in order to offer the services and the achievement of the objectives for your company.

FullSync your business tailored for the future

Why choose us?

It depends on what your objectives are. If you don’t plan to grow and evolve both as a business and as a person, don’t even bother. FullSync is a company available to entrepreneurs who want to take their business to the next step and don’t know how. Start now to see your business grow.

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