About Us

Who we are

2020, a year that marked the world economy causing it to tremble in the face of catastrophic events, but in a time of great difficulty thanks to the courage of two young entrepreneurs, a project was born with the aim of helping enterprises overcome this period of great difficulty, offering them complete synchronization.

About us, what to say?

 FullSync is a project that offers its customers a 360° service, through creating customized products for them. Along our services we commit to bring our customers on the best path, so that they can grow as a business.

 The FullSync path is a path tailor-made for you, during the collaboration with us you and your company will grow and in the final you will get in tune, making sure that you are prepared for what is a better future today. Furthermore, FullSync doesn’t create compete among its customers, but always manages to find what is the best way for companies. Companies will never be identical, so through our services we can find the identity of your business and exploit it to 100%, thus creating a growth path that you initially undertake with us, and subsequently our customers manage to handle from only situations that previously seemed unmanageable.

 We operate in all sectors giving to all those who want to grow their business and also to those who have or want to open a business. FullSync is close to them to give them the necessary tools so that they can follow the best paths for them.

Among our services we have:

        Creation of a personalized route

        Logo creation or improvement

        Creation of graphics and dedicated material for you

        Online presence improvemen

        Training management to improve productivity


By offering 360 ° solutions for any type of business or activity, FullSync shows how its commitment and devotion to these companies is one of the most important things. Through its services FullSync undertakes to always complete the projects taken in charge with the various private individuals or companies.


Objectives that our customers usually aim for are:

        Increase the number of customers and consequently the turnover

        Improve customer quality

        Grow and expand as a business

        Physically and online expansion through the various platforms